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Cliffwater exec visits 250 bars in 24 hours

September 22, 2011   Lawrence Delevingne

Hedge fund analyst Chris Solarz nabs his fifth world record.

   Chris Solarz
Talk about a day of drinking. Chris Solarz, head of macro hedge fund research at institutional investor consultant Cliffwater, set a world record on September 3 for the most pubs visited by a team in 24 hours.

Solarz, wife Bea Reig and 11 friends—most of them marathoners—visited 250 bars in New York City in one day. One person in the group drank half a beer at each location, less than 10 total, covering approximately 32 miles in the process. The group began at O'hanlon’s on East 14th Street and ended at One and One on the corner of First Avenue and 1st Street (a tribute to the Seinfeld joke about the intersection being the "nexus of the universe"). Solarz and team beat the previous world record of 170 pubs set in Chicago last November.

Solarz, 33, holds four other endurance-related world records. His first, from 2009, is for the fastest navigation of the New York City subway system. He and a friend visited every local stop–468—in just under 23 hours by designing a computer program to maximize travel efficiency.

Second is the fastest aggregate marathon run on all seven continents (yes, there’s one in Antarctica) for which Solarz ran approximately seven three hour marathons over 10 years.

Third is the furthest vertical distance climbed in 12 hours. After two years of planning and four months of training, Solarz climbed 33,000 feet in just less than 12 hours, higher than 29,000 foot Mount Everest. He did this by running up the stairs of a 55 story building (Logan Square in Philadelphia), riding the elevator down, and repeating. That beat the old record by 6,000 feet and the feat helped raise money for the American Lung Association.

Finally, Solarz holds the record for the fastest marathon as a linked team. He and four friends completed a marathon while tied together by a 12 foot rope in three hours 26 minutes.

Next up? Solarz says he wants to run a personal record at the Chicago marathon on October 9. The time to beat is 2 hours 49 minutes.

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