Michael Hintze engineers success at CQS

May 01, 2011  

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Hintze’s mathematical mind has built the London firm into a $10.5 billion powerhouse

By Barry Cohen

Michael Hintze: The market environment is fascinating intellectually  (photographs by Tony Law)

MICHAEL HINTZE DOES NOT PROJECT an intimidating persona. In contrast to many hedge fund titans, the amiable Hintze comes across more like an absent-minded professor than a hard-charging deal maker. The tall, white-haired Australian speaks like the excitable engineering geek he once was, firing off ideas and themes in a rapid-fire, staccato fashion, rarely finishing a sentence before he moves on to the next one. His delivery is so manic that one former employee likens it to “driving a golf ball around a tiled bathroom.”

But Hintze’s hyperactive speech patterns and affable nature belie serious investing acumen and business savvy: He is the founder and senior investment officer of CQS, a $10.5 billion hedge fund with headquarters in London and offices around the world. Over the past decade, CQS has evolved from a...


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