Former Ziff Brothers Asia head plans Kontiki pan-Asia fund

February 17, 2014  

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In what could be another institutional-grade launch in Asia this year, Gregard Heje, the former head of Asia at Ziff Brothers Investments (ZBI), is rolling out his own pan-Asia equity-focused fund. The Hong Kong-based outfit will be called Kontiki Capital Management.

Heje, a Norwegian, will get the support and financial backing for his fund from the family office controlled by New York-based ZBI, which will be an anchor investor in the new fund.

Kontiki Capital will be staffed mostly with former executives from the ZBI Asia office in Hong Kong, which Heje previously led. Heje joined ZBI in 2005 in London, and moved to Hong Kong to set up and lead the office more than four years ago. Prior to that, he worked with Goldman Sachs.

The Ziff brothers Dirk, Robert and Daniel set up ZBI in 1992 after the $1.4 billion sale of the Ziff-Davis publishing empire. They invested the proceeds in various asset classes, including equities, debt, real estate, commodities, private equity and hedge funds.

Late last year, news reports suggested that ZBI planned to gradually wind down its US hedge fund operation and allocate the capital to some of its talented portfolio managers to start their own outfits.

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