TCI Fund Management U.K.

May 27, 2015  

When investors were dumping shares of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. during the phone-hacking scandal that began in 2011, Christopher Hohn, founder of activist hedge fund firm The Children’s Investment Fund Management, spied opportunity. News Corp.’s shares had fallen 17 percent in two weeks following the announcement of its illegal phone hacking activity, prompting most shareholders to sell off their stakes to minimize losses. Meanwhile, TCI, as the London–based firm is better known, snapped them up. The firm grew its initial $833.48 million News Corp. stake in the fall of 2011 to $919.77 million by the following February and is still reaping the rewards of News Corp.’s rebound two years later. In 2013, TCI, which manages a highly concentrated long-short portfolio with a long bias, enjoyed a 57 percent gain from its holding, which split into two companies that June. This is just one example of Hohn’s investing prowess that has made him one of the most feared activist investors in the world and has resulted in outstanding gains for TCI…

47. TCI Fund Management U.K. / $12.77 billion Location: London, U.K. Founded: 2003 2016 Hedge Fund 100 Rank: No. 59 2016 Capital: $10.9 billion 2015 Hedge Fund 100 Rank: No. 76 2015 Capital: $8.8 billion Years on List: 12 Address: …


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