The Rich List: From Winners to (Mostly) Losers

March 29, 2012  

Managers who didn't make the cut.

The Rich List
From Winners to (Mostly) Losers

No fewer than 15 individuals who made the list for 2010 earnings failed to qualify this year.

John Paulson
2010 earnings: $4.9 billion

Paulson, who became a household name when his personal earnings topped $3.7 billion in 2007 from his now-famous bet against the housing market, lost $3 billion last year. Some of his funds fell 30 to 50 percent because of huge losses on bank and other financial stocks.

David Tepper
2010 earnings: $2.2 billion

Tepper, who topped the Rich List two years ago when he earned $4 billion from a bold bet on bank stocks, saw his Palomino Fund fall 3.33 percent last year. He avoided posting larger losses, however, by cutting back his holdings of financial stocks early in the year.

Edward Lampert
2010 earnings:...


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