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Whitebox sponsors financial research awards

October 20, 2011   Lawrence Delevingne

The Minneapolis firm will give out a $25,000 prize for the best overlooked research.


Andy Redleaf at the 2007 AR Awards dinner (doubtless using his magnifying glass to seek superior research in a copy of EuroHedge)

There’s plenty of good research on improving financial markets being published, but most of it is going unnoticed, according to $2.7 billion Whitebox Advisors.

To change that, the hedge fund recently announced the first annual Whitebox Selected Research Awards for research papers published in 2011 "making outstanding contributions to the art and science of investment."

First prize for the outstanding paper of 2011 is $25,000. Additional prizes or honorable mentions may be awarded for a total of no more than 12. Papers will be judged and prizes will be awarded according to criteria and procedures established solely by Whitebox Selected Research, a recently launched portal for similar work.

"Ideas benefit from the challenge of being open," said Whitebox founder Andy Redleaf. "It’s also the case that if you look at the history of invention and innovation and new ideas. Completely new ideas are almost a total misnomer. They’re almost always combinations of existing ideas."

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