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Zeitgeist? ABC's "Revenge" goes after polo-loving, insider-trading hedge fund manager

September 29, 2011   Lawrence Delevingne

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Emily Thorne takes down Bill Harmon, "head of Wall Street’s most profitable hedge fund."

  They only drive Italian sports cars: A scene with "hedge fund king" Bill Harmon from last night's Revenge. Photo: ABC
Poor hedge fund managers. As if the proposed Buffett Rule, changes to carried interest treatment, and a planned movie starring Will Farrell as a narcissistic hedgie who claims to have seen God weren't enough, ABC's new show about getting even, Revenge , went after Washington and Hollywood's piñata-du-jour last night.

For those those new to Revenge, Emily Thorne is a pretty, conniving blonde who returns to her childhood Hamptons home to exact payback on those who ruined her family and their reputation years before. Her latest target is Bill Harmon, head of "Wall Street’s most profitable hedge fund."

It turns out the sportscar-driving, polo-loving asset manager doesn't play by the rules of investing. From the second episode recap :

The smooth-talking Mr. Harmon is someone Emily used to refer to as "Uncle Bill" back when she was known as Amanda Clarke. Emily makes it known that she is pals with Nolan Ross. She also lets Harmon know that she’s interested in doing business with this man who testified that her father funded terrorists. He also accused David Clarke of illegal insider trading, a practice Harmon actually engages in with no remorse.

Harmon logs in to his computer to show off a list of his top investors and their profitable returns. Emily soaks in all the info. At a follow-up meeting, Emily fools Harmon into believing she has inside info that Nolan’s corporation is merging with a particular cell phone company. Harmon scrambles to get his top clients to invest based on this inside information. The problem is that Nolan is actually merging with the company’s chief competitor. Uh oh.

Harmon wants to keep the big loss news from his clients. Too bad Emily swiped the confidential phone list from his computer. She proceeds to make calls to Harmon’s top dogs to let them know about all the money they lost thanks to the man they trusted with their investments. Harmon the hedge fund king is ruined . Guess that means Emily can officially cross old Uncle Bill off her X List.

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