Looking back at Man Investments, Magnetar, and former Greenlight and Ivory vets

September 21, 2010   Suzy Kenly Waite

In this week’s look back at the archives, AR pulled stories about Man Investments seeking to double its managed accounts business and ex-Greenlight and Ivory veterans launching a new fund.

One Year Ago
Greenlight Capital’s Vlad Artamonov and Ivory Investment Management’s Todd Plutsky founded Coastal Investment Management and launched its maiden fund, a long/short equity strategy Coastal Investment Partners.

Man Investments sought to double its number of managed accounts. Last year, the firm managed roughly 70 managed accounts worth $6 billion, but was working with its managers to increase that number to 140 by late 2010. By September 2010, the firm managed 80 managed accounts worth $7.5 billion.

Five Years Ago
Chatri Trisiripsal, previously a managing director at Maverick Capital, left to start his own firm, Izara Capital Management.

Former Citadel Investment pro Alec Litowitz went on a massive asset-raising push and sought to bring in $2 billion for his newly formed Evanston, Ill.-based Magnetar Capital. Assets quickly grew and reached a peak of $8.3 billion in January 2008. The firm was hit hard in 2008, however, and by the end of the year, its flagship fund was down 30%. Assets have crept back, and now the firm manages $7.1 billion.

—Suzy Kenly

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