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Soros gives big for human rights

September 14, 2010   Lawrence Delevingne

A $100 million donation to Human Rights Watch.

 George Soros
George Soros gave international whistleblower Human Rights Watch his largest gift to a non-profit ever—$100 million over 10 years—to "more effectively protect and promote human rights around the world."

The grant, from Soros’ Open Society Foundations, challenges the group to raise an additional $100 million in private contributions to match the gift, according to an announcement. The plan will require Human Rights Watch to increase its annual budget from $48 million to $80 million within five years. Soros wants to encourage donations from philanthropists outside of the traditional supporters of human rights in Europe and North America, according to HRW.

The watchdog group hopes that the combination of the grant and the matching funds to be raised, as well as additional fundraising, will enable it to become "a truly global organization."

"Human rights underpin our greatest aspirations: they’re at the heart of open societies," Soros said in a statement.

Founded in 1978, Human Rights Watch works to focus attention on human rights violations around the world.

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