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N.Y. manager dines with Warren Buffett…for free

March 09, 2010  

An offer of free investment research secured one lucky hedge fund manager a dinner to remember.

Cara Goldenberg, managing partner at New York value hedge fund Permian Investment Partners, has achieved something very few others in the industry have managed: She shared dinner with Warren Buffett without having to pay for it.

Goldenberg sent Buffett her stock research in November, with a note saying she was providing the information because she’d heard the 79-year-old billionaire liked to spend his Thanksgiving weekends looking for new investment ideas. Buffett responded by inviting Goldenberg and her business partner, Alex Duran, to his Berkshire Hathaway headquarters in Omaha, Neb., for dinner and conversation.

Goldenberg’s Facebook profile now features a picture of her proudly grabbing hold of Buffett’s wallet. Stacey Asher, who handles investor relations at Permian, confirmed the dinner, but declined to elaborate.

Many would pay good money for a private audience with the second-richest man in the U.S.—and indeed some have. At a charity auction last year, Toronto hedge fund Salida Capital Partners won the opportunity to send its senior management for dinner with Buffett after making a successful bid of $1.68 million.

—Robert Murray

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