Q&A: Theo Phanos, Trafalgar Asset Managers

March 15, 2004  

Phanos is a partner and director at Trafalgar Asset Managers, a London-based high-yield and distressed hedge fund.

Phanos is a partner and director at Trafalgar Asset Managers, a London-based high-yield and distressed hedge fund. He joined in early 2001 from Deutsche Bank, where he had been a senior sales/trader in European high-yield and distressed debt, to set up Trafalgar's Catalyst Fund. Last year, the firm launched its Recovery Fund, which focuses on strategies including bond reorganizations and liquidations.

What is Trafalgar's investment philosophy? 

Our approach is entirely event-driven. We research and evaluate opportunities as they arise. Every day, numerous companies are going through event situations, such as bankruptcies or takeovers, and we examine the impact these will have on the company's securities. For example, if Club Med's equity is up 14% on a given day, on the back of a French broker suggesting Accor may bid for the company, then we will immediately research Club Med, the hotel sector, the...

This article was originally published in Alternative Investment News.


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