The 2015 Fund of Funds 50: Getting Big by Looking Small

Firms like Blackstone are increasingly investing with early hedge fund talent to garner bigger returns, a move that is changing both the fund-of-funds and hedge fund businesses. READ FULL STORY

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Absolute Return Indices April 2015

Index Composite
ARApr 15YTD%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage1.06%*2.88%*81%
Event Driven0.41%*1.71%*82%
Fixed Income0.50%*1.49%*77%
Global Equity0.60%*3.54%*80%
Latin American Debt0.44%*0.79%*50%
Latin American Equity1.33%*-2.90%*69%
Managed Futures-1.49%*2.72%*92%
Mixed Arbitrage0.70%*2.73%*66%
Mortgage Backed Securities0.73%*2.77%*69%
U.S. Equity0.15%*1.97%*76%

* Estimate

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